Book Review: Farview by Kim Fielding

Blurb: Ravaged by a horrific experience, Oliver Webb flees the smog-bound city of Greynox for a quiet seaside village and the inheritance he’s never seen: a cottage called Farview. He discovers clear skies, friendly imps, and a charming storyteller named Felix Corbyn.

With help from Felix’s tales, Oliver learns surprising secrets about his family history and discovers what home really means. But with Felix cursed, Oliver growing deathly ill, and an obligation in Greynox hanging heavy around his neck, it seems that not even wizards can save the day.

Still, as Felix knows, stories are the best truths and the most powerful magic. Perhaps the right words might yet conjure a chance for happiness.

This story is simply beautiful! This is the 24th Kim Fielding story that I’ve read and loved! I just loved the imagery this story conjured up; I could see the vivid landscape of the cottage and its glorious view of the sea, smell the sunshine, feel the storm, hear the chirping of the imps. This book was magical, poetic, and haunting altogether.

I loved the character the author created in Felix, so charming that you’d want nothing hurting him. His whole demeanor also feels magical, which is ironic because his ‘curse’ is supposedly an anti-magic one.

Oliver’s character, on the other hand, isn’t like Felix. His disposition was shaped by his surroundings growing up with an absent father (and mother since she died when he was two), a slew of nannies by his side, and a life that isn’t going anywhere until he decided to claim a cottage he inherited near a fishing village.

I adored watching Felix and Oliver’s relationship develop; though Oliver was resisting at first due to his illness, I thought it was sweet, it was heartbreaking at times, and you’ll root for them. You see, they’ve gone through a lot, individually. You can feel their sadness, but they are still hopeful, especially Felix, who is the “spirit” of the village.

I also loved the people of the village. They all have unique characterizations as they add more flavor to the story. I loved the stories of Felix recounting the history of the town and its people. I also loved Julian and Kit, the main character from the first book of the series, Treasure. I haven’t read the first book, but I am now very excited to read it because they seem to be very interesting and the whole vibe of the setting is just absolutely fantastic.

Farview is a beautiful contemporary story, which I would categorize in the fairy tale genre. The writing, as usual, was very descriptive and consistent with the mood of the book, which I’ve already expected from one of my favorite authors. It is a definite must-read!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Kindle Edition, 268 pages
Published June 10th 2021 by Tin Box Press

About the Author
Kim Fielding lives in California and travels as often as she can manage. A professor by day, at night she rushes into a phone booth to change into her author costume (which involves comfy clothes instead of Spandex and is, sadly, lacking a cape). Her superpowers include the ability to write nearly anywhere, often while simultaneously doling out assistance to her family. Her favorite word to describe herself is “eclectic” and she finally got that fourth tattoo.

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