Book Review: The Capital (The Knight and the Necromancer #1) by A.H. Lee

Date of Publication: March 23, 2020
Publisher: Pavonine Books
Genre & Theme: Fiction & Literature, LGBT, Gay, Fantasy, Romance
ASIN: B085N89TD9

Roland is the premier knight of the realm, leading troops in a bloody war. Sairis is a necromancer with a price on his head, eking out a lonely existence. When they meet under false pretenses, their mutual fascination is obvious. But can their attraction survive the revelation of their identities?

I really enjoyed this one particularly because the world building with necromancers, knights, magicians, demons and all may have been rehashed a million times already but the way the author tells her story feels fresh and quite unique. I was very much immersed with the world she created for the characters.

Speaking of characters, I do loved the dual POV that we’ve got here because with so many things happening in the book and questions arising each chapter, we get immediate answers from the characters themselves.

We have Prince Roland, back at the capitol to see his sister ascend to the throne after the untimely death of their father and we have the young and shy necromancer, Sairis confused as hell as to why he was at the kingdom’s capital to begin with. Lol. Okay, I was kidding. It’s just how I would describe my initial reaction to his predicament in the book.

This first book isn’t that long and I really enjoyed reading about the majority of the characters that were introduced here and the development of the MCs blooming feelings towards each other. There’s a cliffie at the end but I thought this being the start of the series is pretty solid.

(Note, I’ve read the rest of the series after reading the first one.)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

About the Author
A. H. Lee writes steamy fantasy with LGBTQ+ characters. Her books nearly always include a talking cat.

You can learn more at


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