Book Review: Galaxies and Oceans by N.R. Walker

Date of Publication: June 23, 2018
Publisher: BlueHeart Press
Genre & Theme: LGBTQ, MM, Romance
Characters: Ethan Hosking, Patrick Carney, Aubrey Hobbs

These past few weeks, I’ve been binge-reading N.R. Walker’s books because I wanted to get back to reading more this year, and it was just a wonderful feeling to get into it again after almost a couple of years of hiatus! I’m such a fan of her works and based on my count, I’ve reviewed 27 of her books here! Yay me!

So I picked this book based on its glowing reviews (yeah, I tend to get swayed a lot by reviews lol) and I’m sure glad I did because I absolutely loved it! I cried. I smiled a lot and cried again.

The story is basically about Ethan escaping from an abusive relationship, leaving his old self behind and renaming himself as Aubrey (an homage to his beloved gramps) and he met Patrick, a lighthouse keeper who is grieving the loss of his partner.

The romance between them is just gorgeous. I loved the steady interaction between Patrick and Aubrey, and the side characters living in their small town. Speaking of small town, the setting was gorgeously described by the author. It’s romantic, nostalgic and just about serene like the main characters’ personalities. Nothing seems forced. I loved how we just see go along with the story, and witness how they just opened up to each other and developed something beautiful.

There was no twist but there’s obviously a big reveal about Aubrey’s past at the end which was a bit anticlimactic but it didn’t diminish the merit of the story for me. The writing itself, the pacing and the two main characters more than made up for it. I couldn’t ask for a better first read from the author after my long hiatus from the genre.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


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