My Blogging Resolutions for 2020!

Looking back, 2019 has been a very eventful year for me. I went through some changes and had some unforgettable trips where I’ve met new friends. Professionally, I couldn’t ask for more from my current job! With all of these happening, I feel like I’ve also missed doing some things that I used to do. Most notably, I was not able to read enough books. I think I’ve just read less than 20 titles in comparison from the last five years where I have always read at least 50 titles in a year. This means, less book reviews from me. I guess, I just didn’t have enough time to do it, or I just really need to manage my time wisely! Hah!

My trips overseas were the highlights of my last year and I forgot to share those with you. I may just find the time in the coming days to do that since I’ve just finished my month long trip to Europe where I spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Oh, I’m dying to share the pictures with you too.

I guess, my top blogging resolution this year is simply to write more and share more. I know that I’m not obligated in any way to do that but I just love that I’m able to practice my not so good writing, and share all of these experiences to the world, the new books I’ve  discovered, places, TV shows and basically everything in my life now.  I am also considering of actually consolidating all of my “blogs” into this blog where I get to share everything under the sun.

Another resolution is to be more active with the forums I’ve used to visit regularly. I know that we’re at the age where everything is in pictures, videos and social media but I believe that blogging is still a thing that would help us remember the past in a more detailed way! As for me, even if nobody reads my blog, I’d love for me to have something to look at to in the future and see the changes I’ve made or what I did or wrote at a particular time in my life.

I wish everyone a happy new year, and I hope to meet more people who blog about their pets, favorite films, TV shows, about Hillary and Donald, about climate change, about their latest thrift store hunt and just about everything in the world and beyond!


Your Thoughts?

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