We’re Proud of You, Ahtisa Manalo!

I was a bit pre-occupied in the past couple of days but obviously, congratulations are in order for our very beautiful and vibrant Binibini – Ma. Ahtisa Manalo for finishing 1st Runner-up in the recently concluded Miss International beauty pageant in the capital city of Japan. I actually thought that she had it in the bag but Mariem Velazco of Venezuela winning isn’t bad at all. They both performed so well and I’m glad that even if Ahtisa didn’t win the crown, the one who got it totally deserved it too!

Here’s Ahtisa during the three segments of that very long proceedings.

Ahtisa wearing a Sarimanok-inspired national costume. She’s such stage performer!

Ahtisa in yellow one-piece swimsuit.

Ahtisa looking muy elegante donning a nude Michael Cinco hand-beaded evening wear.

Here’s Ahtisa’s speech.

Congratulations Ahtisa – the whole Philippines is very proud of you!

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