Result Reaction: Miss Earth 2018 – Live at the Mall of Asia Arena!

‘Just got home from watching the coronation night of the 18th Miss Earth edition where Nguyen Phuong Khanh of Vietnam was adjudged the ‘ultimate goddess of the Earth.’

Her Elemental court are: Miss Air Melanie Mader of Austria, Miss Water Valeria Ayos of Colombia and Miss Fire Melissa Flores of Mexico.

This edition is without its fair share of controversies the moment outgoing Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco passed the crown to Phuong Khanh.

Rumor has it that Miss Venezuela was supposed to be in the final four but she fainted backstage before the announcement and host James Deakin had to announce a replacement (supposedly the fifth place who is Miss Vietnam) to complete the top four. I personally call bullshit on this.

Vietnam was an all-around performer during the finale and she easily nailed both Q&A segments of the pageant with charm, sincerity and sense. I’d say she’s a deserving winner and such allegation should be put to rest right away.

And regardless if it’s true or not, Miss Venezuela fainted.The show isn’t going to wait for her to feel better. This show is broadcasted live and they have to follow a schedule. IF and only IF she was indeed in the top 4, they would have to exclude her and put the next girl with the highest score into the next round. Sorry, but this is what’s live television for you. Plus, the girls in the top 4 are very much deserving too. Shame on the President of Miss Earth Venezuela for releasing such information without the ME organization’s confirmation!

Congratulations to Miss Vietnam for winning the Miss Earth crown! Again, it was a well-deserved win! A big round of applause as well goes to the rest of the girls for giving a good fight!

To my favorite Telma Madeira of Portugal – you did your best and you made your country proud! I hope to see you competing in other international pageants like Miss Universe or Miss World in years to come ❤

To Celeste Cortesi – you are pure class and you represented the Philippines well! Thank you.

Congratulations to the Miss Earth organization and Carousel Productions for the wonderful show this year! ❤👏 Bravo!

I will be posting my full pledge review in the days to come! 😘


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