A Sentimental Book Review for ‘Red Sky At Morning’ by Richard Bradford (1968)

Red Sky At MorningPaperback, 256 pages
Published May 5th 1999 by Harper Perennial Modern Classics (first published 1968)

I’ve got my copy of this book from a used bookstore during my teenage years. It was just there and I got it for less than a dollar. Little did I know that this gem would turn out to be so good and will accompany me on my way to adulthood. It’s literally a “coming of age” story that made my transition into adulthood easier – I dunno, maybe I was readied by this book into the chaos that is ‘growing up.’ I feel like I’ve known Josh, Marcia and Steenie from my past and their adventures in Sagrado feels like a reflection of my own childhood. The humor, the quirky ambiance of Sagrado and the oh-so-colorful cast of side characters reminds me so much of home. Rarely does a book create magic like this [at least for me.] Up until this point, my decrepit paperback copy of Red Sky At Morning is still one of my most treasured book possessions.

And as I’m really on my way into the midst of my adulthood – it still remains a favorite of mine. I wish I was able to say back then that I want to be Josh, Steenie and Martha when I grow up! I guess I just did that now…

July 13, 2016
09:30pm – PH

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