Book Review: The Distance (Firsts and Forever Series, #11) – Alexa Land

 Date of Publication: April 8, 2016
Genre and Themes: LGBTQ New Adult, Family, Comedy
Format: 250 pages, ebook
Publisher: Self-Published.
ISBN: 9781311268150
Characters: Jessie James, Malakai “Kai” Kahale

I’ve been waiting for Jessie’s story for a while now and all I can say after reading “The Distance” is that it was so worth the wait! I absolutely loved this story and I absolutely adore Jessie and Kai! I didn’t exactly pictured Jessie as a twink and one who’s into drag racing for that matter but I liked how the author incorporated this aspect into his character. Although, I’ve to say that I’m still a bit clueless how he found himself so into racing and cars in general. He just mentioned that he started with go-cart and it was a bit vague from there and we were told he came out of the closet at 17 with his family disowning and kicking him out. It’s not a very important detail but it’s just so unlikely with his upbringing I think but at the end of the day, I’m still okay with that vagueness. Sort of.

Malakai “Kai” Kahale aka Trigger is a reminiscent of Dare’s character from “Sky Blue.” This is the 12th couple in total so there are 22 guys in the series but for some reason, Kai’s personality reminded me so much of Dare – laidback, silent and determined. He’s got an amazing chemistry with Jessie and although I’m not a big fan of kids in my MM books, I’d say that I am loving how Alexa Land characterized Joshie and Izzy. ( Joshie’s the adopted son of Trevor and Vincent.)

This series is one of those series you’d just have to enjoy and not over-analyzed (hahaha! I know, I just overanalyzed that detail about racing but yeah – you get the drift). The story doesn’t have much of a conflict and is still over the top like the rest of the series but again, it’s very much enjoyable! It’s pretty long for such a plot but of course, we need to get updates every now and then with the other / previous ‘gay homosexuals’ in the series and you simply have to watch out for Nana’s wedding!!!

If you have not read anything from the series, this one is pretty much a  stand-alone read and let me tell you that Alexa Land’s writing is the kind of writing I go to whenever I feel shitty or on the verge of experiencing a book slump. And this book is an example of that kind of writing.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

About The Author
I write and independently publish M/M love stories. My best-selling Firsts and Forever series includes: Way Off Plan, All In, In Pieces, Gathering Storm, Salvation, Skye Blue, Against the Wall and Belonging. Coming Home will be released in later summer, 2015.

I’ve also published Feral, a paranormal M/M romance, and The Tinder Chronicles, a paranormal trilogy.

For more information, please visit my blog at: Follow me on Twitter @AlexaLandWrites or find me on Facebook at…

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