Book Review: Strong Side (Eastshore Tigers, #1) – Alison Hendricks

Strong SidePublished January 20th 2016
Format: Novel
Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Sports
Length: 171 pages, ebook
Publisher: Foxtales Publications
Characters: Jason Hawkins, Derek Griffin
Summary: Two college football players who slowly succumb into their growing attraction between them while trying to manage their hectic lives.

I liked this book because it’s very easy to read. Everything’s smooth-sailing about it from the meeting of the two main characters, the development of their feelings up to that sappy happy ending. I would’ve liked a much broader story development though in terms of their backgrounds.

Derek has a great story to tell and it was reduced to a couple of scenes where he just explained everything to Jason – it went far too easy in my opinion. I was looking for more tension and won’t mind a longer explanation or even a confrontational scene involving someone from Derek’s past.

Jason was the god of football in their campus but I find his character a bit on the bland side. He’s just super focused, super nice and just perfect altogether. Even his Dad isn’t that much of an a-hole as it turned out. Really, I’d like to say that aspect is kind of refreshing however it became a bit unrealistic and far too convenient for the story.

It sounds like I’m tearing the book to pieces no? Lol. I don’t mean to sound like that.  There is really so much potential in this book for the upcoming installments. I just hope to read stronger conflicts in the future or say, a way for the characters to be more vibrant the next time. Overall, this isn’t half bad for a debut book!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

About The Author
Alison Hendricks is devoted to creating contemporary M/M romances that are sexy and emotionally satisfying. She loves making her boys work for their Happily Ever After and believes love stories are better with just a little angst thrown in.

Born and raised in Florida, Alison has always had a passion for writing, and romance novels of all kinds are her number one escape when life gets a little too hectic.

She’s currently working on her first series, Eastshore Tigers. Each book in the series is a standalone that throws together two hot college athletes who always “play for the same team,” even if they don’t know it yet.

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