Book Review: The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley – Shaun David Hutchinson

Andrew BrawleyAfter surviving a car crash that killed his entire family, Andrew didn’t see the need to ever leave the hospital. Instead, he camped out at an abandoned part of the hospital. And it was just fucking sad. It just about broke my heart that he’s been on the loose like that trying to avoid “Death” as much as possible and being stricken with guilt and grief, he was forced to make up stuff to survive (which will make him guilty again) I thought it was clever and sad – more on the depressing side actually.

Then came Rusty – the boy he “fell in love with.” The whole thing about their relationship isn’t that convincing. I think both just needed someone to hold on to and they are in the right time and obviously at the right place. I think they automatically veered toward each other because they’re both gay.

Speaking of being gay, the most refreshing part about it is how it was not a big thing for Andrew’s character. Like, onset it was already determined that he was gay and I loved that about the story. No big coming outs, no hassle and all.

There are also great secondary characters aside from Rusty. The nurses were awesome but Trevor and Emma are freaking amazing! (Gus and Hazel Grace? – lol.) Did I liked how it went with one of them? Nah. Sad but just like the message of the book, some things are inevitable.

Another thing that I enjoyed about this book are the comic strips of Patient F. It’s fantastic and I loved how it played the part at the end. Who needs an epilogue with something like that? I mean, that is the freaking epilogue itself.

This one is a total beauty. Not an easy read – nope, not at all but a well-written story with characters well thought of.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Published January 20th 2015 by Simon Pulse

About The Author
Shaun is a major geek and all about nerdy shenanigans. He is the author of The Deathday Letter, fml, and the forthcoming The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley. He can be reached at He currently lives in South Florida with his partner and dog and watches way too much Doctor Who.

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