RECAP: America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 8 (September 23, 2015)

Heya folks! So last week’s episode was whack! ‘Didn’t expect that double elimination to happen at all. I guess I didn’t really expect Bello and Courtney to win the top plum but I was hoping for more life to happen in this series – meaning more epic moments from Quing Bello and some sort of redemption from Courtney – but alas, no redemption arc there people (Now, Sia – be a dear please and send Courtney a year subscription of Vogue or yeah – what about getting her on your vids? *wink*) Now with the exception of at least two contestants, anyone could clinch the title! At the moment, I’m still team Lacey but let’s see if she could continue her domination in the competition.

The challenge last week was so predictable. Ugh. Justin, Nyle and Lacey teaming up was an easy win! Although technically, they did not win – they still got higher points to keep from lagging in the competition. Bello, Devin and Courtney did the worst as a group and as expected whilst Mame, Hadassah and Mikey won the Vine video-making challenge… hmmm… tutor me!!!! Fun! Fun!

During the photoshoot, it was a clear struggle for Courtney. I just felt to bad for her! I though Yu Tsai was just plain mean in that moment. Ugh. Poor Courtney!!! One good side though, she looks awesome!!! Ugh. Devin was a disaster in the shoot. What was that? He doesn’t look the part tbh. Bello on the other hand was just awkward as well as Mame. What happened to you over there girl? The rest especially Nyle and Lacey are just beyond!!!

So there, Lacey got the First Call Out again and Courtney and Bello are out! But wait this week because them eliminated models will return…..bwaaahhaahhhaaaa….

Watch out!

Call Out Order
First Call Out: Lacey
Eliminated: Bello and Courtney


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