Book Review: Catch Me When I Fall – John Wiltshire

Catch Me When I FallWhen an angel named Gabriel fell into Jake’s backyard, he didn’t have any choice but to take him in. Unknowingly, the angel’s presence stirs up something he has been trying to stay buried in the deep end of the mountains of Afghanistan. However, there must be a reason why Gabriel falls from heaven right? With revelations confronting him, Jake would have to make the ultimate decision of his life.

Catch Me When I Fall is one funny book and one that is equally poignant. Just how do we deal with choices in our lives? How do we know which things to sacrifice? Is love truly worth sacrificing? How do we deal with something that isn’t there physically but knew about its existence? There are a lot of things one could ask regarding this book if you’re the philosophical type. I am not or not really, but I’d like to think that there really are angels in our lives. Either on a romantic or religious point of view, it’s up to you which one to believe but I fervently believe their existence.

The story here flows easily from the beginning until the appearance of Jono (Jake’s bestfriend from the military). I would’ve given this an easy five star rating if not for that near-end conflict that didn’t sit well with me involving Jono and the supposed plan of Gabriel to have him as a fallback for Jake. I honestly didn’t get that and refused to accept the logic behind it.

John Wiltshire without question is one of the most artistic writers of this genre. He has a unique writing style and knows how to put soul into his characters. If you’ve read any of his novels prior to this title, you can easily see how he creates each character with unique individuality but if this is your first book from Mr. Wiltshire, you won’t be disappointed one bit.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Published October 2014 by MLR Press

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About The Author
John is an ex-army officer who currently lives in South Island New Zealand. He’s been writing for many years and has a number of novels published.

Much of his fiction is based in England, particularly Devon, where he grew up.

When John isn’t writing, he can usually be found at the beach, surfing.

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