Book Review: Clef Notes – Elaine White

Clef NotesI was very much in love with The Cellist and having the characters’ stories continue with Clef Notes was a total blast! In general, this collection of stories based on the characters from The Cellist may give you answers about the actions of most of its characters . There are four more stories from four other couple aside from our beautiful boys – Roman, my book boyfriend Ben and there’s of course, Jaxton.

Here are my individual reviews for each couple’s story.

Captivate Me:  Jalen + Piper

I didn’t get the deal with Piper’s change in demeanor at first. At least it was insta-lust for them and not some sort of “im-so-glad-i-found-you-because-youre-my-soulmate” kind of thing.

@10% I was a bit wondering about their “ten months of lingering kisses, careful caresses and lots of dates in public places…” 10 months with no sex – like all the way – at all?! And one of the main reasons is because HE IS TOO BIG. Smirk. And that’s according to Jalen himself.

Rating: 3/5

A Case Of The Ex: Stanton + Barry

I totally loved this one! I thought this could even be a full length novel but yeah – case closed. I just loved the whole thing about Stanton finally realizing his mistake when Barry asked him to be his “boyfriend.” It was just all so sweet in the end. My heart just melts with boys crying for lost love “)

Rating: 5/5

Off The Record: Bruno + Lyon

Yay at this development! Finally the “lyon” has settled down! I thought it was very short though and of course, Lyon was such a dick over Jaxton in the first book so it’s good that he finally has moved on.

Rating: 4/5

Cinnamon Kiss: Thayer + Castel

I honestly didn’t expect Thayer to get a space here. At least everything got cleared from Thayer’s perspective. I thought the whole thing with Castel was a bit rushed but I still enjoyed it more than Jalen’s and Lyon’s story.

Rating: 4.5/5

From The Heart: Roman + Ben + Jaxton

I’m still in love with these three! They have such explosive chemistry and it’s such a pleasure getting some insights on the progress of their relationship!

Rating: 5/5

So to sum this up, my total rating would be 4.3 stars! I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed Thayer’s story that much since everybody seems to hate him in the first book. Then there’s Stanton whom I didn’t seem to connect with before but his story ought to be a full-on novel in my opinion. And the ample sex scenes here are just oohh-I-think-Im-Gonna-Need-Some-Cold-Splash-Asap kind of thing because damn, they’re super freaking hot! This is a must-read for those who enjoyed The Cellist and if you haven’t picked it up – aarrrggghhh, do it now!

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Published May 7th 2015 by Encompass Ink/Hot Ink Press

About The Author
Elaine White grew up in a small town on the east coast of Scotland. She is an author of paranormal romance, crime and MM romance.

Fighting cancer in her early teens taught her that life is short and dreams should be pursued. She lives vicariously through her independent, and often hellion characters, while living comfortably at home with a pack of wolves cleverly disguised as one standard poodle.

A self-professed geek, Elaine has fallen in love with the research linked with her novels. The more obscure the better. She has recently delved into reading and writing MM romance/erotica and is now a happy addict of the genre.

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