Book Review: The Story of Jax & Dylan – Jamie Dean

This book was from a new male author Jamie Dean and it actually has a lot of potential because the premise was brimming with plot opportunities. I also thought that it was very current and the characters were quite likable. What I didn’t like very much which I thought dragged down the story was the way the flashbacks from both characters was presented. You see, backstories are wonderful because we get to feel more from where the characters are coming from. It adds depth into our understanding of their ‘angst.’ I guess what irks me were the constant flashbacks in it –  I feel like they did nothing but reminisce all about their high school life. I’m like – okay, get on with the program already boys. It was like an endless loop that goes on and on. In all fairness with the author, he was able to finish the story in a solid note – albeit a predictable one.

 Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

 Published April 8th 2015 by Dreamspinner Press

About The Author
Jamie Dean is pansexual in his late 30s. He lives in the southwestern US with his domestic partner, two dogs, two cats and a selection of outdoor-dwelling lizards.

He tries to write at least 1000 words everyday, though most days it ends up being much more. For Jamie, writing is an addiction and a way of life. He finds inspiration everywhere and sometimes can’t sleep for all the ideas fighting for his attention.

His first male-male romance, The Story of Jax and Dylan published April 8, 2015.

Your Thoughts?

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