Something Like Summer The Movie News: Grant Davis is the new Ben Bentley!

via Grant's official Facebook page.

via Grant’s official Facebook page.

Ya’ll fans of Something Like Summer probably have heard already about Austin McKenzie’s departure from the film and after holding casting for the new Ben which started last June 18 in Los Angeles and New York – the team finally found us our new Ben Bentley by the name of Grant Davis – Whoot! Hoot! #StalkingModeActivated err nah – just kidding

Anyhow, it was just announced today which is technically one in the morning from where I am so I’m just jumping up and down right now about this wonderful news albeit being all so groggy from waking up!!!!

So who is Grant Davis? [since I’m a sloppy researcher *coughs* stalker* coughs*] let me just post something from his official Youtube Page.

“Hi, I am a 16 [I think he’s 18 now based on one of his youtube vids – someone ought to update the channel asap] year old singer, actor, and overall performer, who more than anything wants to entertain others…Welcome to my world.'”

Grant Davis combines classic pop and adult contemporary genres with a jazzy edge surely to ignite lovers of Josh Groban, Michael Buble, and Chris Botti.

From the sparse opening piano intro of Sara Bareilles’ “Gravity,” to the socially conscious themes of, “A Change Is Gonna Come,” “Blackbird,” and Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” Grant Davis is the very definition of precocious.

With the recording of his first full length album produced by Guy Eckstine (Chris Botti, Vanessa Williams, Herbie Hancock), Grant Davis takes a very large step in the direction of Hollywood and Broadway, with the lights shining brightly on his future. Grant’s self-penned, “Perfect Symphony” best sums it all up for the young performer, “there’s a song inside of me, it’s about to set me free…”

Okay, so here’s my honest take about Grant – I think I remember myself totally fangirling when the team did the Indigogo fundraising marathon back when Austin was still Ben. I mean I loved Austin and his amazing voice but damn – Grant’s voice is just – ohmyfuckingawdgood – like totally!!!

(he did Don Henley’s Desperado – OMG O_o One of my favorite songs and he KILLED it – like damn he just did)

I’m *speechless* by his awesomeness and I find him way cuter in a more suited Ben Bentley kind of way.  Just who did the whole casting for this young guy? Well, people let me Congratulate you all for this one!!! You did it and we fans of Something Like Summer are excited to see more of Grant, Davi, Ben and the rest of the cast making this wonderful novel into an equally wonderful movie!!!!

I think I said enough for now but if you guys want to start stalking  check out Grant’s social media accounts, I provided all the links below! 🙂

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