Book Review – Family of Lies: Sebastian – Sam Argent

Family of Lies SebastianThis is one of those stories where you fall in love with the characters because they’re so full of life they’re bursting off the pages of the book. This debut novel from Sam Argent is nothing short of spectacular. The author sure knows how to introduce herself in the kind of grandiose that only few debuts are able to pull off.

The story centers on Sebastian Orwell – a cloaked wizard who saved the life of the Crown Prince from an assassination attempt. This attempt led to an investigation that may involve Sebastian’s father. Trying to prove his father’s innocence, Sebastian gathered some help from the prince and his family to uncover the truth that may jeopardize his plan on keeping it under the radar.

One of the best things I loved about Sebastian was his snarky humor. His character was just so vibrant and so likeable (especially his eye rolling) that it’s so easy to root for him. His character just has the right amount of vigor all throughout the story. He’s not predictable and he’s just charming from start to finish.  

Turren on the other hand was such a riot! I loved him because he’s just incredibly cute, hilarious and just plain adorable! He’s like one of those cartoon characters who are just so totally awkward that they’re cute! I loved that difference between his characters and Sebastian’s.

Sebastian’s family‘s just wack! They’re crazy! Like seriously crazy! I was laughing my heads off with their antics and with Sebastian in it – the crazy keeps on rolling!!!

It’s a pretty long book but it really doesn’t feel that long at all because you just want to keep going once you started it. The story was fresh taking place in an alternative universe and I loved that sexual orientation doesn’t really matter here. The whole thing just works with the characters, the stories, the theme – I highly recommend this great read! Congratulations Sam Argent!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Published March 18th 2015 by Dreamspinner Press

About The Author
Sam Argent is a speculative fiction and romance writer who worships the magic picture box and chocolate. She can be found in the American Deep South, hunched over a laptop trying to figure out weird sex positions. Her stories feature tales of love unrestricted by gender, other worlds where gay marriage is the least of anyone’s worries, and characters who would love it if she stopped torturing them with adventure.

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