Book Review: Bloodline – Barbara Elsborg

BloodlineThere’s something about smart-ass vampires that always get me incredibly turned on. Bloodline has that to offer with Inigo who does tattoos on supernatural skins. When he was “forcefully” commissioned by a faerie king and brought him to Faerieland – he knows that he’s in very big trouble. Then he was thrown into a cell with Micah whose goal is to save his sister and family. Together, they tried to end the king’s oppression but ofcourse, things don’t always go as they planned…

This book was a very good surprise as my very first Barbara Elsborg book. It was highly recommended by a friend [thanks Riina!] and I must say, I was so happy that I took that recommendation. There are a lot of things happening in the story and a lot of characters as well. Although there was a first book before this, I didn’t mind having to read this first. There was no confusion with the flow of the story and there was enough backstory to easily relate with the characters.

As I’ve mentioned, Inigo’s probably the most bad-ass vampire ever! Like not in a Bruce Lee bad-ass but in a sorta quirky bad-ass way! I just totally loved him! Micah’s character was equally lovable and their banter was just sexy, funny and altogether too adorbs!

The story itself was as vibrant as its characters, the plot thick and that conclusion makes me want to yearn for more Inigo and Micah! Seriously guys, this is an amazing book!!!! Please don’t let yourself missed out on this one.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published April 1st 2014 by Loose-Id

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