Book Review: Trust (Temptation #3) – Ella Frank

TrustI’ve always been a fan of Logan and Tate from the very start of this series. They have such explosive chemistry and it’s not hard to really root for them.

As its (seemingly) final book in the series, Trust didn’t exactly draw my enjoyment – at least not nearly enough as the first two books. This is an erotic series and Ella Frank’s a writer of erotica but sometimes, too much is just too much right? Not that the sex scenes aren’t nearly flammable. They’re actually beyond hot but halfway through the story – I started wondering what exactly the premise of the book was.

Some of my issues with this book (aside from the uber-excessive sex scenes) include:

  1. Chris stirring shit up then simply walking away. Gone. Bye. Bitch.
  2. Evelyn’s unnecessary appearance. No. Not relevant at all. Wasted space.
  3. The “accident” was predictable that I find myself rolling my eyes at this.
  4. Daniel Finley. Unnecessary.

The timeline of their relationship was too short for me considering this is the final installment (or not).

This story isn’t that bad though, I still loved Logan and Tate. It’s just a case of “too much of this and too little of that.” Oh well…

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Published May 2nd 2015 by Ella Frank

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