Book Review: Understanding Jeremy (Discovering Me #2) – A.M. Arthur

Understanding Jeremy“If your smile warming me inside means love, then I love you. If feeling pride when you stand up for me despite everything means love, then I love you. If wanting to touch you just because you’re standing next to me in the room means love, then I love you. It’s what I know when I’m with you, Jeremy, and I think that’s love.”

What is so good about this series is how the author maintains the POV of her characters. Their voices and consistency are felt all throughout the first book and this one. In this installment, we have Jeremy narrating the story which picked up exactly where it ended in the first book. Jeremy and Cole are now living together but as for their relationship, both are still unsure about it. Cole was still reeling from his asshole ex-boyfriend sudden reappearance but he’s trying to at least move on from that episode. Jeremy meanwhile is still in cloud nine for having Cole with him although he’s still very much wary about Cole’s plan for the future.

When Jeremy’s best friend Bethann asked a favor from him to claim the baby she was carrying, Jeremy has to say no. Bethan has been there for him at his lowest point but he won’t deny Cole and his relationship with him. This didn’t go well though, when Bethan panicked and told a co-worker that Jeremy is the baby daddy. This conversation was privy to Cole so along with the rumor in town that Cole is gay, Jeremy’s relationship with him is also on the rocks.

Fear of losing a loved one yet again is what Jeremy’s most scared of so when Cole decided to break up with him, he knew that he’s got to do something soon to save the relationship and show the man he loves what he truly means to him. I just loved Jeremy’s character here. He’s just too nice and too perfect. His patience towards Cole was just beyond and I loved that he’s not afraid to take risks. The abuse that Cole went through his ex was more detailed here and I feel like killing the guy myself. I mean, I almost wished that he (Martin) was gang-raped to death when the “incident” in the first book happened to him. I mean, Jeremy should’ve at least got to punch him once.

The tone of the story was very nerve-wracking yet romantic. I loved the easy countenance of the premise and the very realistic dialogues in it. I also loved the unpredictability of the story.

This is one of those series that has its own voice and makes you root for a certain character from the get go.

Another great series on my list! Thank you A.M. Arthur for this amazing book!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published July 23rd 2014 by Dreamspinner Press

Sequel to Unearthing Cole

Discovering Me: Book Two

(I’ve read the first book entitled Understanding Jeremy but I lost the original file of the review and I’m trying to locate it but I also gave it a 5 star rating :))

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