Book Review: Raven’s Mark – Jade Archer

Raven's MarkRaven’s stutter and previous abusive relationships with the people he thought cared for him led him to be overly introverted with anxiety attacks looming his already closed-off personality. But for Ryan’s sake, his four year old kid –Raven is trying to venture out more and be the best parent he could be. Meeting Mark, the head chef of the Sandpiper’s Restaurant made Raven feel things that he knows he’s got no right to feel because this would only lead to more complications.

Mark who took care of his two younger siblings until they went to college finally has all the time to take care of himself. When he meets Raven, he was immediately drawn to the painfully shy guy and hopes to get to know more about him including the haunted look his carrying around and the fierce protectiveness towards his son Ryan. With both father and son around, Mark’s protective instinct kicked in and wanted to take responsibility of caring for them. Will Raven be able to overcome his painful past and finally move on and will Mark be able to show Raven that he’s up for the long ride?

The first book of this series was a good one. I loved the whole chemistry between the three guys. With Raven and Mark, it was also good but the plot was too thin for the story to develop easily. It was pretty much predictable all throughout and the chemistry between the MCs was not properly established. It became apparent that Mark was acting more as Raven and Ryan’s protector which was actually insinuated by Raven in the story. I think it was the case even though it was refuted at the end. I’m not saying I didn’t like the story altogether but it’s lacking the romance part of it. The sex scenes were dull, the dialogues not enough and the narrative was longer than necessary.

I’d still recommend this for those who loved an easy read since it was pretty quick to read but don’t go looking for much depth in it.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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