Book Review: The Dating Game – Jay Northcote

The Dating GameFive sex-free dates was the deal. Owen doesn’t do dating but to get to Nathan’s pants – a boy got to do what he ought to do.

I’m now getting Jay Northcote’s style. Her stories so far have that similar light-feel vibes and characters with identical POV from her other stories. This novella is no different. Both Owen and Nathan have had crush with each other since their uni days but neither of them know that of course. Owen was openly gay then and Nathan was still securely hiding in the closet. When they see each other again, the five sex-free date was made because according to Nathan – he doesn’t want to be another Owen’s conquest —Ookay.

So the cute and bubbly dates went on – it was an easy read from start to finish and does not have unneccesary drama. I’ve expected more at the end but I guess since they’re still at the dating stage, I just have to make do with that. Both MCs are sexy and adorable and the whole story was just fun. I highly recommend this for those who seeking low-angst stories.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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