Book Review: Brothers in Arms (The Broken Road Cafe #2) – T.A. Webb

Brothers In ArmsBLURB: Betrayed on every front, Dan O’Leary cashed in all his chips and moved from the big city life of Atlanta to small town Blue Ridge, Georgia. While licking his wounds, he never meant to start a new relationship, especially with closeted Chief of Police Nick Oliver.

But now all Dan’s hot buttons are being pushed. One of his employees is being terrorized by seemingly upstanding townspeople. Then worst of all, he’d promised himself he’d never be anyone’s dirty little secret, and when Nick’s fear of being outed causes him to hurt Dan, Dan knows there’re problems in paradise.

With trouble on all sides—a homophobic football coach, an ex lover, and his former best friend—it takes a shot in the dark before he realizes the real danger. It’s time for Dan to figure out who he can trust and close ranks with his brothers in arms.


This second book of The Broken Road Café series is nothing short of genius! I super loved everything about it. Like seriously, every single detail!

I loved how Dan easily assimilated himself into the “hick county” (not really though ^_^ – just wanted to call it like that). The twist here was pretty awesome but I’m also upset like Dan when I find out all about it. He honestly had all the right to get upset and the way his best friend was used to execute that whole BS charade was just downright evil – although I still don’t excuse what he (the bff) did to Dan. I am sad however with what happened to “him”.

I also loved how Dan assert his authority over Nick because admittedly Nick was being a dick – although he’s just clearly scared of what people will think about him but that still does not excuse him for all his dick moves.

I enjoyed the many plot points of this second book and I’m glad that one of my favorite authors wrote this one because I’d definitely enjoy it and would love three more books out of the series! Pretty please Tom! It’s simply amazing!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published July 24th 2014 by A Bear on Books

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