Book Review: Gathering Storm (Firsts and Forever #4) – Alexa Land

Gathering StormBLURB: Working as a gay porn star has brought twenty-two-year-old Hunter Storm fame and fortune, but it’s cost him a lot, too. He’s learned to think of his body as little more than a commodity, and he copes with his loneliness by giving himself to whoever will have him. The job has also put him in the crosshairs of a stalker, a man so deeply disturbed that Hunter and everyone around him is in danger.

Fortunately, Hunter has allies, including his best friend Christopher and Nana, a feisty senior who’s decided he’s family. And then there’s Brian Nolan.

When Hunter first meets the angry, wheelchair-bound former Marine, it’s hate at first sight. But despite his shattered body and tattered psyche, Brian might turn out to be the best ally of all.


This is one of my favorites amongst the seven stories in the series so far. I love Hunter and Brian together and thought that their past balanced each other out.

Here, we see Hunter’s search for love and yearning for someone to feel the gap in his life. His job in porn has made a stalker out of someone and now everyone around him seems to be in danger. When he meets double amputee marine Brian Nolan, it was hate at first sight. Despite their constant warring, they found something together that may just be what they needed the most.

I thought it’s an incredible story of redemption. The tenderness and protection they offered each other was so beautiful to read. I loved that Hunter does not treat Brian differently because of the latter’s disability. It was nice how they were like cats and dogs at first and finally fell for each other with a wee bit distraction of that crazy stalker. It’s a beautiful story that also introduces us to new characters which I’m already excited to read about!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Published January 6th 2014

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