Book Review: Something Different – S.A. Reid, T. Baggins

Something DifferentYa’ll know what I so loved about this? It’s just so refreshingly honest. I loved the way that it revolves around less than ten characters with different persona and the whole story as it develop becomes better and better until the end. This reminds me how good Fifty Shades Of Gay For Pay was which makes this one for a beautiful read.

Michael Maguire knows that there’s something missing in his life. His wife is cold, his children are distant and he just wanted to break free and do something different without even realizing what that is. When he head to Brixton Park seeking a prostitute, he meets rent boy James Campbell.

Upon meeting Michael, James knows that he’s just a piece of meat for the unhappy man. Their first night though leads to an affair that neither of them expected to end. Each time, they’re affection and needs grows stronger and it’s only a matter of time when everything is laid into the table.

I loved that there’s something between Michael and James that seemed to connect them – though not a pleasant experience, together it still made them stronger. I love how caring Michael was with James and his way of boosting James’s morale was totally endearing.

When Michael finally did something about his step-mother, I was doing the victory fist pumping in my head! Yes! Revenge is served sweet with blood! *kidding* LOL but yeah, I totally enjoyed that scene. That old had totally deserved it!

I loved that the author didn’t find the need to fix everyone’s issue (i.e.,  Michael’s daughter) and everything felt to normal at the end. It’s so nice and cute when James was trying to write. It’s just so beautiful. I loved that Michael was always with him through and through.

Not many books are like this one – books that are good, books are exquisitely written and books that offer something different.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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