Book Review: You Can See Me – A.E. Via

You Can See MeI’ve mentioned it before that I’m not a big fan ménage stories  but I indulge every now and then because there are some good ones out there that are definitely worth reading. This one is one of them. A.E. Via’s a new author for me so I wasn’t really expecting much from this book. Little did I know though that this would leave me combusting midway to finish! It’s so hawt I’m afraid to tap my reader after finishing it! *wink* *wink*

Prescott Vaughan has everything mapped out in his world. He’s about to go to Paris to work with his idol, he’s got a loving fiancé and he’s a multi-awarded chef at only 27. Everything ended one night in an accident that left him alone the dark…

I loved Prescott’s character here – I’ve met blind people and they always tell me that they hate it when people treat them differently because of their disability. I guess that’s natural instinct for people though. They want to be treated like any normal people – because they are and they simply lost their sight. This is what Prescott simply wanted for people to do around him. He’s still very capable though, I hate that he was so needy for physical contact because he feels so alone. I so feel for him during those times when he was almost begging his girlfriend for sex! Yes, he’s still not sure about his sexuality folks! Closet case? Nope. Just mainly confused if I may say.

When he meets Dr. Rickson Edwards, it was like a ray of sunshine for Prescott. Ric made Prescott feel loved and the latter reciprocated the feelings. But because of a prank, Ric doesn’t think that he could handle Prescott’s carelessness so he kept himself away from the blind guy. WTF?! Yes, a traumatic prank for Ric. He should’ve let Prescott explain first!

Alone and still reeling from their break-up, Prescott finds himself hiring an escort and didn’t expect to hit it off with Blair McKenzie – a sexy Texan culinary student who works part-time as an escort to help pay the bills.

When Ric finally decided to get back with Prescott, things got a little sticky when he realized that Prescott won’t let go of Blair even though they still love each other.

So yes – it’s a bit complicated indeed but I feel like the story is more focused on Prescott and Ric. Blair simply became the third wheel in the relationship. I guess, there weren’t enough scenes for Blair to figure much into the relationship so their whole declaration at the end counted a lot, I guess.

In a ménage story, it’s always the sex that really has to count half the time. This one has it in spades. Oh man, it was hotness overload! The story was well written and I loved all three characters especially the big, bad Ric and if it was just a normal couple story – I guess it would’ve worked as well. I’ve got to say though, this is a really good read for anyone looking for a ménage in a book.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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