Book Review: Champion of the Scarlet Wolf Book One – Ginn Hale

Champion Of The Scarlet Wolf Book OneI’m a happy kid yet again after saying temporary farewell to Kiram Kir-Zaki and Javier Tornesal in the Lord of the White Hell book 1 and 2 – Ginn Hale yet again brings us to this world but this time the focus is on Elezar (remember Javier’s bestfriend who’s got this unrequited love for him for years?) Oh yes, good times!

I was not the biggest fan of Elezar since I found out that he’s been pining for Javier (I think we got that memo in the second book of Lord of the White Hell during the  winter’s solstice when Kiram sneaked up to the Hellions’ rooms bearing gifts while the rest are attending some sort of solstice ceremony and he saw a picture of Javier in Elezar’s drawer – that was the time I realized it of course – that was it right?) Anyways, of course he almost killed Javier and was sending dagger looks towards Kiram eversince but since they all went together in the Old Road until the end – I guess, it went okay by then. But of course, Javier and Kiram had to leave which left Elezar in Cadeleon and so the book started five years after the couple flee for their lives.

Things didn’t go easy for Elezar and he always finds himself in trouble – mainly becoming this big, kickass nobleman whose life suddenly spiraled down to a purposeless existence. When he acted to save his dear friend and fellow Hellion Altreau from getting killed – he’s got no choice but to flee Cadeleon with Altreau and was sent on a mission by Fadeles (yup, remember Javier’s possessed cousin?) in the heart of Milmuraille. There he meets Skellan, a street witch whom he initially met and saved as a street hound. There’s more to Skellan than meets the eye and this red head witch awakens something from Elezar that he thought he’d long buried five years ago.

So I won’t into too many details because really, there’s so much in this book that I’d really like to discuss. Case in point, the long babbling I just did. Anyhoo, this story was a signature Ginn Hale book – detailed, deep UST and a lot of feels which I can’t even!

This book will very much remind you of Narnia because of the witch’s familiar and well – the witches. There’s so much magic going on that sometimes it was a bit difficult to catch up. I myself gets confused and had to go back to a certain page.

The good thing about this book though was how detailed it was with each character, each event and each minute references. I’ve no problem with the length of the story and I enjoyed reading it that I even find myself skipping a meal to actually get to the main action. O_O

This was Elezar’s story more than Skellan obviously but at some point in the book, I can’t help but feel for Skellan’s character and what he’s endured before he met Elezar. There were some characters whom I’d rather see die in the first book but unfortunately didn’t (yes – I’m bad that way) but overall, it made the story even more exciting.

Milmuraille achieved relative peace at the end – atleast for our characters but it also opened a lot of questions and revelations for the second book to dissect. Now this is what’s so good about the story, it makes you wanna read the next book right away because it makes you anxious to know what will happen with these characters. After this first book, I was so attached with Skellan ( I loved him) and Elezar that I just really want them to be together already without Elezar’s worrying to much about the law and religion (ugh. Like’s he’s a very religious guy to begin with) and yes – this book made me even giddy to read more about Javier and Kiram!

This book is another masterpiece from Ginn Hale. Ugh. Seriously, she doesn’t know how not to deliver!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published October 7th 2014 by Blind Eye Books

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