Book Review: Gangster Country – Kade Boehme

Gangster CountryTwo very different men from two very different backgrounds…

LoganLogan Marshall is a social worker whose job has taken him to New York where he feels he’s needed the most. This country boy who grew up in a Texas ranch has got it easy with his hippie parents who have no qualms about him being gay.

Then he meets Gianni Rodriguez.


Gianni grew up in Brooklyn and is part of the Los Cuervos gang as his brother’s right hand and the doer of its dirty deeds. When he met Logan at a party, what started out as a simple arrangement to fool around became something Gianni didn’t expect to blossom. They are after all just friends with benefits. Right? Right?

When Logan’s work got tangled up with Gianni’s secret life, the latter has to decide whether to risk everything he’s ever known including his family or risk losing the only man he ever loved. Could Logan be Gianni’s salvation in the harsh and cruel gangster country?

What I really enjoyed most about the book is the pacing of the story. At the beginning, (like literally after the prologue) I was at a loss because it was just a wee bit fast then the whole story developed and the next thing I know I was at the last page already. I thought about it and I figured that it’s for the best that I didn’t have to read a lot of killings, drug dealings and all to get the gist on Gianni’s background. I thought there should’ve been more about Logan but obviously, his entanglement with Gianni is what made his character interesting.

I was a bit saddened by the way Gianni’s family reacted at the end especially his Mami. I guess it’s a part of the story that we’ll get to read about in its sequel [yup, there’s a sequel coming up this year according to the author]

I also loved the characters of Gabriel and Hennessey. I’m hoping that Kade would do something about these two secondary characters. Much more for Gabriel’s sake because that beautiful, broken boy needed something to lift him up.

Overall, I thought the whole thing was solid. There’s more healing to be done for both Logan and Gianni and although Gianni has made a lot of wrong choices in life, everyone deserved their second chances and I can’t wait to read its sequel for that and of course, Gianni needs to avenge Wendy!!! Oops. Yup, I guess I’m big on sweet revenge when my character gets beaten up! He needs to stand up more for what he lost and almost missed out on not having Logan in his life.

This book deserves five star rating from me because I’m a sucker for such characters and with true love beating all the odds… *wink*

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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