Book Review: Scrap Metal – Harper Fox

Scrap MetalAfter reading Tyack & Frayne Series and thoroughly enjoying it, reading another book from the author is just a must – like seriously, Harper Fox is a beast.

First thing you have to know about Scrap Metal is that it’s long. It’s only 258 pages but the tone will make you slowdown in absorbing every single detail.

Nichol Seacliff’s life went upside down when a family tragedy brought him back to Seacliff Farm and help his Granda tend the farm leaving Edinburg and his doctorate aspirations in Linguistics behind. In a cold night during their lambing season, Nichol caught Cameron, an intruder in the barn who inexplicably touches something from within him thus giving him a place to stay instead of turning him away.

As they work together, Cameron found his way into Nichol’s heart. Even the farm’s matriarch was charmed by Cam especially with his abilities that set the farm back on its feet. Secrets from Cam’s past however were revealed and since Nichol was already in deep, he’s got to make the ultimate choice.

As per the author’s usual penchant for lyrical narratives, Scrap Metal lulls its reader into a song that will introduce you to its central character – Nichol who’s always been the second or even third best in the family. He’s the guy who gave up his life in the city to help their gloomy family estate. He’s the guy who loves with all his heart. Harper Fox definitely perfected the way to bring a character to life. Nichol’s description of the Seacliff Farm was vivid that you’d want to visit the place itself.

Cameron on the other hand was a gentle soul – odd like the artist he is and more sensitive due to his unpleasant past.

Nichol’s Granda Harry with his Gaelic lingo was also a character you would hate but felt for as well. He’s old school but open-minded at the same time.

These characters perpetuate a beautiful story development that made Scrap Metal a good novel – lyrical, easy and sometimes even nostalgic. I would’ve given this a perfect five stars if not for that one tiny bit detail at the end that felt a wee bit forced. That’s just for me though, otherwise this book’s another masterpiece from the author.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Published March 27th 2012 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

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Samhain Publishing HERE

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