Book Review: Red Dirt Heart 4 – N.R. Walker

Red Dirt Heart 4[Book 4 of the Red Dirt Heart Series]

I can’t even begin to describe the happiness I’ve felt after reading this final installment of the Red Dirt Heart series – happy and sad at the same time. This wonderful couple has really grown on me and the series is definitely one of my favorites ever!

Told from Travis Craig’s point of view this time, it feels like we see more of the hard-headed but with a softie-wombat heart Charlie Sutton and how their relationship developed over the years. It was beautiful how Travis’s world has changed since he arrived at the Sutton Station. They are still and will forever be in love and are thinking of marriage and setting up a family of their own.

“Mr Craig, Mrs Craig, I know we’ve never met, and I promise we will so I can ask this in person but if it’s okay with you, I’d really like to spend the rest of my life with your son”

Charlie’s oh-so-adorable-shy demeanor always gets me. Like Travis, I keep on falling more and more in love with him. Without question, Charlie Sutton is the heart of the series and Travis is the blood supplying its life support.

“I want this place to keep going, Trav. I don’t want it to get sold out to some huge corporation. I want the person who owns it to love it. They need to love it like we do, Trav.”

Having a family of their own was always a touchy subject for Charlie because he’s terrified that he may not be a good Dad at all. Naturally, Travis has shown him the light! LOL. Really, Charlie’s the champion in the Olympics of stubbornness but Travis was his coach – always so patient and so understanding.

“I got a uncle who’s in love with his cat. There was rumours that he…well, you know, did the nasty with it.”

Charlie bristled. “Being gay is not the same as having sex with a cat!”

“Well,” Amos deadpanned. “It was a male cat.”

It’s also nice to see how the Sutton Station keeps on growing. There was a heartbreaking moment when “someone” has to leave but with Travis in there and everyone’s support, Charlie made it. It’s nice that Charlie’s surrounded by people who loved him. The guy who thought he doesn’t deserve such is surrounded by heaps of loved ones who will always be there for him and vice versa.

“You’re gonna be the foreigner this time, Charlie. Not me. We play the right kind of football, we have baseball bats, not those stupid flat-edged cricket bats, and we drive on the right side of the street.”

Charlie in Texas was a sight to see! Travis made it a point that no matter what the reaction of his family towards him (really, Charlie doesn’t need to fret one bit) – there’s no doubt that he will be where Charlie is. Of course, Charlie being Charlie made himself sick worried about finally meeting the “in-laws.”

“That any kid of ours gets to have you as a dad too,” he said with a smile. “And that’s gonna be pretty damn awesome to see.”

After so much thought and procrastination, Charlie finally relented. Travis wanted it and so does Charlie (deep inside). It’s just about the sweetest thing ever when they finally decided to DO it. I swear, this couple makes me cry bucket of happiness.

“I’m not just marrying you, Charlie,” I said quietly. “I’m marrying this land as well, because you are as much a part of this place as it is of you. You have a love as infinite as the horizon, and a heart of red dirt. And I would be honoured”- I put my hand to my heart – “truly honoured, to marry you.”

N.R. Walker has obviously perfected writing these awfully-romantic scenes. I’m like soaked in a goo-fest and I loved it!

When I was just nine pages away from the end, I’m almost choking up. I feel like saying goodbye to two of my favorite friends and a whole lot of family members I came to love. Charlie Sutton and Travis Craig will always be one of my favorite couples and this book easily cemented itself as one of the best series out there in any genre and probably N.R. Walker’s best work to date.

Rating: 5 Red Dirt Hearts out of 5 Red Dirt Hearts

Published January 9th 2015 by Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

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