Book Review: Red Dirt Heart Book 3 – N.R. Walker

23155382This third book is the ultimate Guide on How Not to Drool and Swoon Too Much over Charlie Suttona really, really terrible guide!  O_o

This was just the perfect follow up to the love story of Charlie & Travis! Now that Travis is a permanent fixture at the Sutton Station, everything seems to go perfectly for Charlie as long as he has Travis.

Until Travis had to leave the Station.

Swamped by lot of other stuff, Charlie realized that he’s got to man up at some point even without Travis by his side. Though his heart was totally breaking into pieces…

This is just perfection in every level. Here, we get to see Charlie at his most vulnerable state. His growing and glowing love for Travis was just beyond – it’s so beautiful that it almost hurt. I loved how Charlie now tries to communicate more and be open about his sexuality. I love the development of their relationship and how that affects the people around them.

At the end of the second book, Travis found a baby wombat and I didn’t really care about it until I read this book. I got curious and googled “baby wombat” and it looks like a fat rat mixed with a tiny itty baby bear. So this is what Charlie’s Nugget looks like! It was totally cute how he’s so taken with Nugget which shows more of Charlie’s nurturing nature – so that is not an exclusive Travis trait yeah?

It’s really beautiful how Charlie has changed so much over the course of the series. It’s just a year since he and Travis have been together [in this book] but it feels like it’s been forever! I just totally adored how this series turned out to be so good that it makes you greedy and read more and more about Charlie, Travis and the folks of Sutton Station! Yep, new fan here!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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