Something Like Summer The Movie: Introducing Davi Santos As Tim Wyman!

Davi Santos

Yassss!!! I’m so stoked to finally know the actor who will be playing one of my favorite book characters of all time. The movie adaptation of Jay Bell’s bestselling young adult romance novel Something Like Summer has revealed its last main cast which already includes Austin McKenzie (L.A.’s sold-out Spring Awakening) as Ben, Ben Baur (Logo TV’s Hunting Season) as Jace, Ajiona Alexus (TVOne’s The Rickey Smiley Show) as Allison and just last night – Davi Santos as TIM WYMAN!!! It’s was a great cast overall and I couldn’t wait to actually see the chemistry between Davi and Austin.

Austin McKenzie, Davi Santos, Ben Baur, Ajiona Alexus

Austin McKenzie, Davi Santos, Ben Baur, Ajiona Alexus

For all of you guys who haven’t read or at least heard about Something Like Summer – it tells the story of the relationship of Ben Bentley (Austin McKenzie) and Tim Wyman (Davi Santos) over the course of a dozen years, starting when they get together in high school, go their separate ways, then try for a second chance, only to face the worst kind of failure.

The novel won widespread praise from readers on (4.6 stars out of 5), Apple’s iBookstore (4.5 stars) and Goodreads (4.2 stars). 

Something Like Summer

click the image to buy your copy of the book (available on kindle, audiobook and paperback edition)

Written with sincere honesty and relatable characters, you’d surely enjoy this book and take the journey with Ben and Tim.

Now on to the film adaptation again,  you can help bring Jay Bell’s acclaimed young adult novel & Davi to the screen as Tim Wyman by contributing to the $100K Indiegogo campaign before it concludes this coming Sunday. Please share with all your friends  

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