Book Review: Fall Apart – S.E. Culpepper

via Goodreads

via Goodreads

Damon Wright is a regular guy with friends he could always depend on, a creepy insistent ex and a family he feels awfully responsible for. In one of his best friend’s wedding where he is delivering his Best Man speech, he apparently captured the eyes of the wedding’s hot photographer Alarik that leaves him reeling.

Alarik, who’s got all he could ask for is still searching for that wonderful feeling of falling in love. Meeting Damon feels like he’s found a way through it. But when life gets in the way, they both need to stand strong in order to survive it.

I’ve obviously enjoyed reading the series so far and getting to know new characters in this installment was such a welcome delight. I just loved Alarik and Damon and I didn’t think that I’d missed Zane and Mark [Book 2] when they appeared here. Although this story has more perspectives than any book I’ve read in my life [LOL], I find it an extremely good idea because it makes you feel attached with each character, building up excitement for the upcoming books in the series. With regards to the main couple here, I find them both utterly adorable and realistic. The dialogues, even with the secondary characters are dynamic and the story arc was obviously carefully thought of. Writing style-wise, S.E. Culpepper is up there!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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