Book Review: One True Thing – Piper Vaughn & M.J. O’Shea

One True Thing[Book 2 of One Thing Series]

We met Dustin Davis in One Small Thing as Rue’s bestfriend and now that Rue’s all in love with Eric and his daughter Alice, Dustin was left to wonder when his prince charming will swept him off his feet. Then he meets Archer Kyriakides whom he thought was the one when he initially saw the guy but something’s telling him that there was off about their budding romance – until he meets Archer’s identical twin Asher.

 Asher Kyriakides dreams of snapping fashion shots but he’s stuck with a job he hates and with an irresponsible twin brother. He’s got the shock of his life when he saw that he’s playboy twin is dating the cute blond he initially saw and can’t seem to forget. When things goes wrong with Archer and Dustin, the latter took comfort from Asher and that’s when feelings started to bloom between them – but now without his wicked twin getting in the way of their relationship.

I really loved the first book of this series. Rue and Eric are just so adorable and the combo of Piper Vaugh and M.J. O’Shea is just something that has magic in it. This time though, I didn’t quite see that magic from One Small Thing. Dustin’s character came off a bit whiny with very low self-esteem. Of course, I’ve known that he’s got trust issue with the guys he was dating especially after his tumultuous experience with his previous ex but like in the first book, Dustin didn’t deliver the charm. The same could be said about Asher’s character. It was a bit trying hard and his character was even less charming than Dustin. Don’t get me wrong though, I still enjoyed the book but the predictability of it all and my apathy towards the MCs just dampen that enjoyment for me. It’ll still be good for you to try reading it out guys!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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