Book Review: Drama Queers – Frank Anthony Polito

Bradley Dayton. Band Fag. Drama Queer. President of Thespian Troupe #4443. He’s gay. Err… He’s not a fag. I mean he is but…

via Goodreads

via Goodreads

I wished I could appreciate this more because it definitely reminds me so much of my high school days and most of my years in College doing student productions and all but sadly, it took me a bit of effort to last until the end. The book’s the companion of Frank Anthony Polito’s coming of age novel  Band Fags! released in 2008. Drama Queers centers on Brad Dayton (the best friend of Jack Paterno – who’s the central character in Band Fags!) and it chronicles the senior year of Brad in high school as he navigates his way through life from friendship, love and his aspirations.

I totally adore Brad and there are moments in the book that I’ve to stop because I was laughing too hard but most of the time, I feel like drowning with all the pop culture references. I find myself getting annoyed following the sequence of the story. Nonetheless, I thought it was real honest and the writing was really, really good. Can’t say I enjoyed it a lot but there’s something to chew on in it.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

One response to “Book Review: Drama Queers – Frank Anthony Polito

  1. Frank Anthony Polito

    Thanks for your review! Sorry you didn’t care for the story — but I appreciate that you felt the writing is “really, really good.” As a writer, that’s what really counts — though good reviews help to sell books and book sales help me and my bank account – LOL. In my defense, I will say that the pop culture references are NOT forced or included for effect, That’s just the way my (and Brad’s) brain thinks 🙂

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