Book Review: The Boy With The Painful Tattoo (Holmes & Moriarity, #3) – Josh Lanyon

The Boy with the Painful Tattoo[Book 3 of the Holmes & Moriarity series]

“I’m just not sure if I’d go directly into the third installment. I guess I need to have more motivations to go ahead with this couple… – This was me a month ago. I did get a lot of recommendation to read this book and I finally conceded. Reason being was that though I’m really not a big fan of mystery novels and ‘am not exactly the biggest fan of this couple, I came to really appreciate them over time. It’s nice that Christopher Holmes (Kit) and J.X. Moriarity finally decided to live together. But not without any fuss – both still have some doubts if this would work out and they are also willing to give it their best shot. I think this was definitely a bigger deal for Kit since he’s the one who’s got to sell his house and migrate across the state. The fun though didn’t stop as Kit’s amateur sleuthing was put to a test again when he found a dead body from one of the boxes they packed at the new house. Then there’s the stalker, Miss Butterwith and Mister Pinkerton look-alike neighbors, the cray-cray family and the boy with the painful tattoo (like seriously, that’s just…)

I didn’t think that I’d enjoy this immensely contrary to what I’ve been blabbing about a month ago. I loved the snarky nature of Kit and how J.X. seemed to really try to play it up and make it work.  It is only now that I appreciate how refreshing their partnership is. It’s realistic and there is a sense of vulnerability in it that you can’t help but really root for them to really make it work. This time though, I didn’t really care to guess who the the culprit. I was more focused over the development of Kit and J.X.’s relationship. This one is definitely not the last in the series because it looks like we’re up for more Holmes and Moriarity sleuthing and them dealing with the more pressing issues involving their families and careers. I hope in the next book, it’s the other way around where J.X.’s would be the doing the sleuthing and Kit’s career comes into focus. And yeah, Rachel can also go with Anna Hitchcock…she was a very irritating character… other than these observation, I just want to say that I really enjoyed reading this book NON-STOP and that should tell you something about it…

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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