Book Review: Double Blind – Heidi Cullinan

17798654[Book 2 of Special Delivery aka the uber-kinky series]

Okay, so let me tell you guys first how I’m so not into the first book (Special Delivery) at first because I find Mitch’s voyeurism and their three way special [Mitch, Sam, Randy] a bit too kinky for my taste but after reading this installment, I actually fell for Randy (whom I didn’t like at all in the first book) and now viewed his uberly-weird friendship with Sam and Mitch a lot closer to a family (now this sounds incestuous. Never mind). So this second book is Randy’s very own love story which is way better than Mitch’s. It was a bit predictable, yes but it was predictable in a good way. Here, we see more of why Randy acts that way in the book and just a wee bit of his past growing up.  Then we have Ethan whom he meets at the casino and felt some attraction right away. Then right there – it was sexy times. I loved Ethan’s character as well. I think he’s a perfect balance for Randy’s wild side. The weird thing is I don’t find the sex between them that much enticing than Sam and Mitch (so much for my prude comments about Mitch voyeurism – lol. Sorry)

This book definitely has more personality which not only established Randy’s ability to fall in love (he’s human after all.LOL) but also made Mitch and Sam’s marriage a dreamy one. Again, Heidi Cullinan delivered a total blockbuster. I honestly couldn’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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