Book Review: A Fostered Love – Cameron Dane

via goodreads

via goodreads

[Book 1 of Foster Siblings series]

This is another beautiful story from Cameron Dane. I always appreciate the way the author so seamlessly writes her stories. Here, there’s fluidity in the way the romance blossomed between Christian and Jonah. As teens, they were put under foster care and they immediately bonded together. They got separated when Jonah was sent to JD leaving Christian behind. Years passed by and they were reunited when their foster mom died summoning them to take care of some business. What they used to have re-ignited and old and new feelings resurfaced.

 I just totally adored how the romance between the two came about. The sweet innocence of Christian, the endearing vulnerability of Jonah and their need for comfort was just heavy sigh-inducing in a good way. There was great chemistry between them and the sex was just an additional bonus. Scorching bonus for that matter.

 I honestly didn’t expect this to be this good and I’m very happy that I listened to my gut on getting this. It’s truly worth it and I couldn’t wait to read more of this [apparent] series!

 Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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