Review: The Cure (1995)

via wikipedia

via wikipedia

I was bawling after watching this film. I’m just like that – but only when the movie is sad and has a really good story. The Cure stars the late actor Brad Renfro and the very young fragile looking Joseph Mazzello. Dexter (Mazzello) is suffering from AIDS that he acquired through blood transfusion and his neighbor Erik (Renfro), a loner and into his adolescence befriends him that led to their journey in finding the cure for the young Dexter. Both have found someone to cling to in their young lives and they went into a short journey that made them entangled until after life.

This film is truly sad but endearing at the same time. There was ignorance about the disease but that did not drag the film. It didn’t talk much about AIDS but rather the personal and moral issues that was subtly masked thru simple lines and actuation of the people in the film. Annabella Sciorra who played the loving mother of Dexter was amazing! You’d really feel the pain that she was feeling as the mother who’s trying to make his son’s remaining days easier and happy. I know that there are similar cases like these in real life where young kids are affected not only through blood transfusion but also in different ways and that thought just adds additional heartache.

For some reason, the feeling that I had about this film reminds me when I watched The Boy Who Could Fly. There was this heartache I’m feeling for both young Dexter and Erik but there was also a sense of serenity because of the friendship they have imparted with the audience.

Rating: 9/10
Director: Peter Horton
Casts: Brad Renfro, Joseph Mazzello, Diana Scarwid, Annabella Sciorra
I found out that Brad Renfro died in 2008 and it makes it doubly sad for me. Gone too soon. Rest in Peace Erik.

2 responses to “Review: The Cure (1995)

  1. aguywithoutboxers

    I remember this one when it was first released. Excellent! 🙂

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