Book Review: Full Disclosure – Kindle Alexander

via goodreads

via goodreads

I’ve been eagerly anticipating this one since reading Double Full and I’m sure glad that it didn’t disappoint. Not at all. No Sir.

Deputy US Marshal Mitch Knox is still on the hunt to catch the culprit of the hate crimes he’s been working on for months now. While in a Dallas bar taking some time off from the case, he spotted the shy and sexy state trooper Cody Turner. An involvement with Mitch is the last thing that Cody needed on his way to reaching his dreams of becoming a Texas Ranger. But Mitch is the persistent sort and he’d do everything to get close with the sexy cowboy, though both are unaware of the looming danger that may threaten more than their careers.

I find it somehow different from the rest of Kindle’s books but it was rather a welcome change. Usually, it’s the main couple that really gets your attention but this time, there are extra characters that somehow stole the spotlight from them every now and then. Not that it’s a bad thing since I think it works well with the story. Now it feels like 2015  takes like forever to arrive waiting for Aaron and Kreed’s story(?)

Anyhoo, this maybe a different approach from what we’re used to from the previous books but  this being part of a super sexy series, I don’t think there’s any need to fret 🙂 Once again, SUPER AUTHOR Kindle Alexander delivered and provided us avid readers our romantic fix this year (twice now after Always) and we’re treated to old and [new characters] that we’ve come to love.

Yes! This is me saying that I’m a bonafide KINDLEholic.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

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