Book Review: Try (Temptation #1) – Ella Frank

via goodreads

via goodreads

This is my very first book by Ella Frank and I didn’t find it that much exciting at first but it’s sure hot as hell. I mean, it’s like a walking porn book! Haha

Logan is a bisexual playboy lawyer-cum-sex on legs who’s used to getting anything he wanter and we have Tate, a “straight” bartender who caught Logan’s attention and desire the very first time they laid eyes on each other. With sexual tensions and all looming in the air, Logan geared up for the hunt and Tate was left succumbing to the other man’s charm.  But remember, Tate’s straight right? Right?

I honestly find it too lengthy and with that thought, I was a bit disappointed with the conclusion. I know that it’s going to be a series but I was under the impression that it’d be for “perhaps” secondary characters with the book which sorely, no one interesting enough materialized.

The book was well-written and like what I’ve said, it’s hella hot! If you’re up for some steamy hunky sex then this is the right fix for you.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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