Book Review: The Darker Side Of Trey Grey – Tara Spears

via Goodreads

via Goodreads

This book is an unfathomable and almost ominous story recounting the young life of Trey Grey. Sexually abused by his stepfather since he was twelve, Trey has developed an obsessive compulsive disorder and can’t seem to escape his past – now working as a prostitute to support himself while schooling. Heavily burdened by his abusive past, Trey foray into a relationship with Justin – a sweet young man who’s suffering from manic-depressive and anxiety disorder similarly caused by an abuse as a child. Sharing something in common, Trey saw a glimpse of hope of finally moving forward with his life and finding love that will help him escape the darker side of his life.

The book is a stark portrayal of teenage abuse that is quite difficult to swallow because of its gravity. I wasn’t moved to tears by the writing and reading it but it got me awfully mad because I know that these sort of things happens in real life. I loved how the author has offer a lot of “love interest” options for Trey ending it with probably the most suited no matter how unstable the other guy is. I loved that there was no sugar coating in presenting Trey’s flesh gig and ordeal that I could almost feel what’s going in his head.

With an utterly realistic rendition of Trey’s character, this book will take you to that darker side of this young boy’s life and will make you feel hopeful somehow – about things, love, life or just about anything.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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