Book Review: Bad Company (Bad in Baltimore #1) – K.A. Mitchell

via Goodreads

via Goodreads

This is a book that has so much potential but didn’t quite reach it. Kellan Brooks lost everything when his dad threw him out and cut all of his resources. That’s when he found himself in a gay bar proposing to be the boyfriend of Nate Gray – his childhood best friend who hated him for what he did when they were younger. Despite their troubled past, Nate agreed to Kellan’s plan unaware that it will eventually backfired on him the moment he find himself falling inlove for his “straight” best friend.

Now my main problem with the story is the fact that Kellan is/was supposed to be straight and realized that he’s actually not. I mean, that’s BS right? This doesn’t sit well with me at all. But hey, I didn’t mean to awfully take the story so seriously but I just don’t like that fact that I was really annoyed by it.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars


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