Book Review: Catch a Ghost (Hell or High Water #1) – S. E. Jakes

via Goodreads

via Goodreads

I’ve had this book on my to read list for a few months now and I’m sure glad that I’ve taken the time to read it during one of my downtime days. It’s the first book from the Hell Or High Water series that centers on Prophet Drews – a former Navy SEAL, used to work for CIA and is now employed as a mercenary at Extreme Escapades LTD. Tasked in a case involving the “ghosts” from his past, he was assigned a new partner by the name of Tom Bodreaux – an ex-FBI agent, a voodoo stuff believer and one who also keeps the demons of his past at bay. Together, they are to wage their way into the world of cage fighting that led to the dark past of Prophet. Now, both are fighting their way to escape those ghosts and the attachment they had through all these.

These type of books are what I’m into recently especially after reading the Cut & Run series which is by far my favorite LIKE EVER. Now with “Catch A Ghost” there’s this awfully distinct similarity of its character to Tyler and Zane’s character from the Cut & Run series. And if I’m being honest, it almost read like a copycat. There’s also this disconnect from Prophet and Tom – they are not that likeable at all. The book tends to be confusing as hell especially with all the excessive flashbacks of Prophet. There’s too many things happening in the book and too many characters that it’s almost hard to catch up. I’m not giddy about reading its second book but I’m still going to give it a chance to redeem Prophet and Tom’s adventure – perhaps it’s the piercing that got ME more than the story. LOL

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


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