Book Review: Hold on Tight (Take My Hand #2) – Nicola Haken

via goodreads

via goodreads

In this second installment of the series, Dexter fell apart yet again pushing everyone away. His addiction took a toll in his relationship with Emily who still supported him regardless – the question is will Dexter still be able to come out of this black hole or will he drag Emily down to its core? This is the continuation of Dexter and Emily’s story from Take My Hand picking up the story after the death of Dexter’s mom and the appearance of his Dad who’s supposed to dead.

This is actually slightly better than the first installment only because it’s meatier and it clearly shows a very realistic portrayal of someone in Dexter’s condition. I find some parts of it a s bit “over the top Days Of Our Lives” dramatic but overall, it explains a lot about Dexter which I appreciated. The latter part became painfully predictable but with all the drama going on, the predictability seems like a smart option for the author. I’m still not sure if I’m gonna hang on with the series… perhaps another time.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


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