Book Review: Shaking The Sugar Tree – Nick Wilgus

20528976I wouldn’t say that I absolutely enjoyed reading this book but I thought the writing has a resounding quality of truth and the almost obtrusive frankness of its main character (Wylie) was very much refreshing.

I admire the book’s honesty and its shameless description of the South. Nick Wilgus created a genius character out of Wylie – witty, tactless and very forgiving.

In this book, I forged an alliance with Wylie and his son Noah. I rooted for them. I cried and sympathized with them and most of all, I’m proud of their sometimes bittersweet yet pure father and son relationship.

For me, a book is worth reading when you’re able to connect with the characters. This time, not only a connection was made but some sense of belonging. Noah represents authenticity and the book conveyed a message that resonates with the rest of us dealing with inequality. I’m up for that.

Rating: 3.5 stars our of 5


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