Book Review: Sixty Five Hours – N.R. Walker

via goodreads

via goodreads

A friend from Goodreads recommended this book and I’m just over the moon right now (a good few hours) after reading the whole thing. This book is perfection in every level! Cameron Fletcher and Lucas Hensley, both advertising executives were given merely sixty five hours to come up with a campaign on a multimillion dollar project. Now both of them need to set aside their differences to seal the deal – and from there, they didn’t only settle their differences but also discovered that they actually have a lot in common. Cameron and Lucas are just oh-so-adorable! The book kinda reminds me of Tangled by Emma Chase. I got to say though, I love this better! I feel giddy while reading the book and I think I giggled with just about every page! The book is witty, sexy, honest and just effin’ brilliant! There’s no pretension, just pure honest-to-adulterated-goodness! They are such an amazing couple! Oh, I just love the sock fetish! That one was cute!!! This is my first read from N.R. Walker and I’m sure glad to have read this brilliant of a novel – and the good part is, it’s free!!!! OMG! I know right? Oh, well git it now HERE.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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