Book Review: Starfish and Coffee – Kele Moon

via goodreads

via goodreads

I decided to read this book because of its stellar reviews and I was not disappointed at all. The premise itself was enticing enough for me to dive into the beautiful island of Mirabella. It tells the story of Alex and Matt, growing up world’s apart but close enough in the small but alluring confines of the island of Mirabella. Although both closeted, they have found the comfort from each other and discovered love and the beauty of it. It is not however all rainbows and butterflies because when lies, deception and even the judgment of youth takes over – love does not seem to stand a chance at all.

I love these kinds of stories – it’s relaxed, the drama’s high but it delivers at the same time. I love Matt and Alex’s characters. They’re the characters you usually see in soap operas – the ones that you’d be rooting for. I thought the whole flashback was a bit too long but its more than welcomed. I just find it a bit anti-climactic at the end because I wished there was more into their reunion. It was still good though, I mean who doesn’t love a happy ending after all?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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