Book Review: Tangled – Emma Chase

via goodreads

via goodreads

This book got me smiling from ear to ear in less than three pages from the moment I started reading it. Crazy right? But true, the book’s really quite funny. I feel like reading the diary of the male version of Carrie Bradshaw! Drew’s narration of his epic love story is funny, witty, clever and 100 percent honest to goodness orgasmic! LOL. Now top that!

You see, Drew’s got the looks, the power, wealth and that sexy adorable charm. The guy’s got everything – yup, almost until he catches “the flu”. Yup, dear ol’ Drew fell for Katherine Brooks – a newbie from his father’s investment firm where he’s the main star – until Kate came around the picture. And she’s engaged.

With his main mantra, “What Drew wants, Drew gets” – our loverboy is set to sweep Kate off her feet but Kate’s like Drew  in every sense so how on earth could he win her especially if he never fell in love before?

Pretty interesting huh? You got to love the way Emma Chase tells you the story through the perspective of a guy who almost have it all and Drew’s telling it straight like a boss – straight in your face honest-no-bull-crap. This is actually a good self-help book for women if I’m being honest. Haha.

I am so getting on with the Tangled bandwagon – after all, the book’s author won last year’s Debut Goodreads Author of the year for this piece! It was freaking amazing that’s why it won so many hearts and so many swooning book dork (like moi.) This is one book I don’t mind seeing on the big screen! It’s just a total mouth orgasm! It’s too good a book not to be realized in the big screen! Cmon’ people start the petition and make this into a movie NOW!!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

3 responses to “Book Review: Tangled – Emma Chase

  1. gonna start reading this book now because of this review. Haha. Thanks!

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