Book Review: Shock & Awe (Book 1 of Sidewinder Series) – Abigail Roux

18005253From the Cut & Run series, we’ve got here a couple springing from the Sidewinder team. Nick O’Flaherty and Kelly Abbott finally discovered that they have something that they could share more. The story picked up after the events in Touch & Geaux (Cut & Run Series Book #8) and it was just a quick narration of both men deciding whether they should be pursuing what their hearts was telling them or just remain friends / brothers-in-combat.

After barely surviving a shootout in New Orleans, Sidewinder medic Kelly Abbott has to suffer through a month of recovery before he can return home to Colorado. He’s not surprised when fellow Sidewinder Nick O’Flaherty stays with him in New Orleans. Nor is he surprised when Nick travels home with him to help him get back on his feet—after all, years on the same Marine Force Recon team bonded the men in ways that only bleeding for a brother can. He’s very surprised, though, when Nick humors his moment of curiosity and kisses him.

Nick knows all of Kelly’s quirks and caprices, so the kiss was a low-risk move on his part . . . or so he thought. But what should’ve been a simple moment unleashes a flood of confusing emotions and urges that neither man is prepared to address.

Now, Kelly and Nick must figure out what they mean to each other—friends and brothers in arms, or something even deeper?—before the past can come back to ruin their tenuous future (source)

Shock & Awe to put it simply is a walking sex novella. Really, it’s just sex, sex and sex and less talk. It’s funny (especially Kelly – oh my, he’s kinky! Lol) and it does not require too much thinking. Kelly’s just so adorable especially whenever he’s demanding Nick to kiss him. And I just love his stubbornness – the guy’s horny every time! LOL

Really, you just gotta read the whole thing to peek at the fire that started between them and then go read “Ball & Chain (Cut & Run series Book #8)” to read more of the progress in their relationship.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars


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