Binibining Pilipinas 2014 Specials: My Fourth Hot Picks!

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So I’m basing my fourth hot picks from the primer that I’ve watched last Sunday adding to their respective performances (sic) thus far all throughout the competition. As usual, I will only be focusing more on the five ladies whom I thought delivered and have shone through with their personality and overall presentation.

MJNumero Uno. MARY JEAN LASTIMOSA. In 2012, MJ was thought to win one of the crowns but went home empty handed. This time around though, I’m betting on her big time for she’s smashing the competition in all angles! She’s well-versed this time around and she’s calmer if I may say. Out of all the 40 girls that were presented during the primer, MJ was the clear stand out!

NicholeSecond Best. NICHOLE MANALO. The youngest from the famous Manalo sisters. I’m not really the biggest fan of Nichole not because I don’t find her beautiful but I just initially thought that there are better girls than her but during the primer, she just wowed me with her TV presence! The girl was very telegenic on TV and looks every inch of a beauty queen if I may say so.

YvetheThird Best. YVETHE SANTIAGO. My dear, dear Yvethe reminds me of my all time favorite Filipina beauty queen Venus Raj. It could be because she also hailed from Bicol and has won the Miss Bicolandia. Nonetheless, this beauty is the beauty of someone who shouldn’t be ignored anywhere. She’s conversant, she’s got a commercial and yet could transform into a fierce amazonian beauty. During the primer, I just got worried that she kinda look a bit studied but that isn’t really bad at all. She just have to maintain her consistency.

KrisFourth Placer. KRIS JANSON. I’m officially a fan of Kris Janson. After watching her speak more and be impressed by her, my initial thought was that she’s more suited for Miss World. Her personality is so calm, her demeanor so charming and her beauty’s undeniable. This girl could easily win one of the crowns, that’s for sure.

JoyLast But Not The Last – Number Five. JOY DIAZ. She’s very natural and conversant in English which I supposed was her first language. She’s not pretty pretty but she’s very pleasant to look at and has a very good TV presence. I’m betting heavily on this girl cuz she’s got it.

images courtesy of Jag Jeans.

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